About Closet Clean-Out Week

Black Friday is around the corner and it’s one of the year’s greatest shopping days. You will probably find new garments to add to your already stuffed wardrobe. But before you hit the buy-button, we’d like to ask you a favour:

Clean Out

We want you to clean out your closet and give your old clothes to charity or to a recycling centre. To help you, we have initiated The Closet Clean-Out Week. This is our way of putting the focus on all those unused clothes that hang in the dark, stuffed closets around the world. It’s time to separate from them as we are sure someone else would love them.

Closet Clean-Out Bag

The Closet Clean-Out Bag is a part of the initiative. Hang it in your closet and start with a big clean-out. Go to a charity shop or a recycling station with your old clothes and then hang the bag in your closet agian.

Click here to order your Closet Clean-Out Bag

Create a sustainable wardrobe

And now the fun part: Create a sustainable wardrobe! With only 14 garments, you can create 120 great outfits. That’s a unique outfit for each day, for four months.

Read our suggestions on how to create a sustainable wardrobe


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