Four white best selling shirts - CAD 349

Act like a boss and order a batch of four white bestsellers and save up to 25%. Caucel, Batalha, Ramalde and Mestanza are our best selling white shirt fabrics. Order one of each, or mix as you like for CAD 349. The shirts are tailored to your measurements.

Best Selling white fabrics
Caucel is a soft and airily poplin weaved cotton fabric.
Batalha is a satin weave in 100% cotton that is quite opaque. It drapes very well and has a subtle luster that makes it look and feel fantastic.
Ramalde is a fine French Oxford weave in 100% cotton that goes well with a suit. A subtle sheen makes this fabric look very exclusive.
Mestanza is very soft, large twill pattern woven from fine two-ply yarns. This fabric has an exclusive sheen that goes great with formalwear.

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