Our Corporate social responsibility

A great fit is very important. If a shirt doesn’t fit you well, you won’t use it and it will hang forgotten in your closet no matter how good it looks on its hanger. And garments hanging in closets, unused, are bad for your economy and the environment.

A great fit, high quality and personal details are our business. Tailor Store delivers clothes to use and love for a long time. It’s a slower fashion that reduces the stress on the environment.

What we do for a better world

We all share a world with finite resources that we must collectively care for. As entrepreneurs, especially in the clothing industry, we have a great responsibility to make sure the world we leave behind is in better shape.

Tailor Store is the tailor shop of the future. By that we mean that we want to offer you as our customer a comfortable way to shop for perfectly fitting clothes using modern technology. Clothes that increase the self-esteem and comfort of the wearer.

However, the tailor shop of the future means more than that. We strive to conduct our business in a responsible way that takes social and environmental issues into consideration. We do this with real, measurable and direct input, because we believe more in actions than in beautiful words and green badges on our packaging.

Your conscience is always clean when buying our clothes. Then you know that:

  • We are 100% carbon dioxide neutral. With independent outside help we annually calculate all emissions and compensate for them by planting rain forest trees in Sri Lanka, the second home of our company.
  • Global Organic Textile System (GOTS) certifies those of our garments that are made from organic cotton. They also certify our production unit, both environmentally and socially.
  • We strive to use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible in for example packaging.
  • In our tailor shops we offer good working conditions, fair agreements, market salaries and good benefits for our co-workers. Everyone working for us are offered free music, dance and drama lessons, access to a gym and language education.
  • In various targeted projects we contribute money or manpower to for example help rebuild war-torn villages, support students and other good things.

Making the world a better place is really not that hard. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. So, shop smart, shop personal and shop sustainable at Tailor Store.