How to clean out your closet

We believe that the clothes in our wardrobes should make us happy. We believe that great looking clothes have a perfect fit and are of the finest craft. Clothes which offer all of this will be loved and used. That is not only good for you, your economy but also the environment.

Unfortunately the reality is often different. Only 20% of clothes in our wardrobes are being used. Follow this quick and easy guide on how to clean out that excess 80% that doesn’t make you happy.

Step 1
Take out all your clothes and put them on the floor.

Step 2
Pick up each piece and ask yourself:
1. Does this piece fit me well?
2. Does this piece make me happy?
If the answer is yes to both questions: keep the piece. If it’s a no to even one of the questions, put it in a clean-out pile.

Step 3
Go through the pieces you have decided to keep and figure out whether you need to buy something new. If you need to add new pieces, we recommend our guide: How to create a sustainable wardrobe.

Step 4
Pack your clean-out pile in a bag and leave it to your prefered charity or a textile recycle.


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