How to create a sustainable closet

Closet Clean-Out Week is about getting a more sustainable way of thinking about your wardrobe. Clean out old and bad fitting garments and give them to charity or a textile recycle.

After this, restart your wardrobe and start building a small, sustainable and well matching collection of clothes. Here’s how:

14 Garments - 120 outfits

A sustainable closet is good for you and the climate, because of the reduced stress on the enivronment when you buy less. A small and well matched collection of clothes, also reduces your morning stress. There is always a great outfit. From only 14 well selected items, you may get 120 outfits. That’s a new outfit each day for four months.

There are three imortant stand points when you buy something new: Great fit, quality and matching. A great fit is important to feel and look good. Quality makes the clothes last longer. And good matching between everything, makes no item stand alone and everything will get used.

Step 1 - Great fit

A great fit is number one. If your shirt fits you well, it will be used, otherwise it won’t, no matter what.

Your body measurements are the key to a great fit. Use a measuring tape or our Size:me tool.

By knowing your measurements, your shopping will be so much easier. Go through different suppliers size charts before you order. But stock sizes are rarely perfect for anybody. Discover Tailor Store and let our tailors sew your clothes to your unique measurements.

Step 2 - Quality

To go for quality is always the right thing. With a small wardrobe, you have money left to go for nice fabrics, craft and details. Your quality clothes will last longer and that’s good for the environment.

Step 3 - Matching

Make all the clothes in the collection match each other. This won’t leave any odd items unused. To get good at matching, think through:

1. Style
Do you want to be formal or casual?

2. Textur
Combine different textures. A pair of heavy flannel trousers are great with a nice thin poplin shirt.

3. Pattern:
We recommend single coloured items. If you like patterns, go for small and simple patterned shirt fabrics.

4. Colour:
Classic men’s colours are shades of blue, white, brown and grey. Go for this in your sustainable closet.

What to buy when considering fit, quality and matching

A sustainable closet:

  • 2 Suits/blazers
  • 5 shirts
  • 3 Pants
  • 2 pair of shoes
  • 2 Ties
  • Suits
    Your blazers must match all trousers and shirts in your closet. We recommend: navy, gray or brown.

    Choose your shirt considering fit, quality and colour. We recommend high quality fabrics in different combinations of white and light blue.

    Trousers are made in many fits, materials and colours. Quality fabrics are essential because of the high wearing. Go for colours like blue, tobacco brown and beige.

    You need two pairs of shoes. One pair of black and one pair of brown. We recommend high quality leather shoes. Take good care of them and they will last for ten years.

    A tie is a simple way to change the tone fo the outfit. Go for ties in simple colours like blue, grey or green.

    Other accessories
    You might also need one black and one brown belt, pocket squares which match the colour of your ties. Socks which match your trousers and blazers.


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