Denim shirts

Order a tailored denim shirt for men, with all the right characteristics. The shirt is sewn in durable denim, a blue 100% cotton twill, which has been washed with pumice stones to get extremely soft. Choose one of the proposed models, order as is, or make your personal adjustments, in our design configurator. Thereafter your new denim shirt will be sewn to your measurements.
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A denim shirt is always in style

A denim shirt is sewn in a durable twill fabric in 100% cotton, called denim. The denim shirts have been around since the late 19th century and it’s now a popular modern classic. The durability makes a denim shirt last for years. It doesn’t get worn out like other shirts; it gets more personal.

Tailor Store offers modern style men’s denim shirts. A long sleeve fitted dark denim shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons is business casual and wearable for work. Do you need short sleeves? Just choose it as an option in our design configurator. Or perhaps opt for push buttons to get a more casual style that gives a nod to the original western shirt.

The denim shirt in western style were used by cowboys and labourers in USA from the late 19th century. This denim shirt is characterised by its yoke, push buttons, yellow seams and breast pockets with flaps.

The denim shirt is loved by many and it’s here to stay. The best denim shirt is tailored with a perfect fit and customized to your personal style.