Make it fit.

Make it fit.

We are Made to Measure

Standard sizes in poor quality feel outdated, doesn’t it? Experience the superior fit and feel in a Tailor Store dress shirt with your unique measurements in the center. Don’t settle for anything less but a truly perfect fit created just for you. You’re about to embark on a brand new journey.

Why Made to Measure?

The idea that every person on this earth should fit into the same old, faulty off-the-rack sizes is an idea we want to challenge. Instead, experience an unrivaled fit and feel in a Tailor Store dress shirt made just for you, with your unique measurements in mind.

Measuring the easy way

Get smart. Get measured. Forget measuring tape and old-school tools, download the Size:Me app for free and get your measurements within minutes. The app calculates your measurements using two images along with your height and weight.

Superior service, all the way.

In the unlikely event of your new dress shirt not fitting quite to your liking, you can rest assured that our highly skilled customer service will take care of you. When purchasing your first dress shirt from us you’re protected by our Perfect Fit Guarantee. In short, that means we’ll replace your dress shirt with an adjusted one free of charge. No returns necessary, keep the old one or donate it to charity.

“I had my first custom shirt made and, while the quality was amazing, it was a bit too tight. Not a problem with them at all. I simply took a few photos and described the fit issues. From there, they made the new measurements for me. They quickly sent me another shirt which is the best fitting shirt I have ever had.”

- Jim
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