Tailored clothes are sustainable

A great fit is very important. If a shirt doesn’t fit you well, you won’t use it and it will hang forgotten in your closet no matter how good it looks on its hanger. And garments hanging in closets, unused, are bad for your economy and the environment.

That’s why we argue that tailored clothes make for a sustainable climate . A tailored piece of clothing is made for you, from your unique measurements. You get a perfect fit, no matter how your body is build.

Tailored clothes in your wardrobe are clothes that will get used. And this is exactly why we want you to shop with us; to get a perfect fit and to use and love what you buy, every time. Plus: we also give you the opportunity to curate your new clothes in detail, to get your desired look.

A great fit, high quality and personal details are our business. Tailor Store delivers clothes to use and love for a long time. It’s a slower fashion that reduces the stress on the environment.


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