Business Classic

This collar works for all face types and is one of our most popular collars. If you wish to round out a nice business shirt, this is the collar to go for.

Collar height in back 4,2 cm
Collar tip length: 7,6 cm

Cut-away Classic

A Classic spread collar with ample room for a tie knot. Great for everyday business shirts.

Collar height in back 4,2 cm
Collar tip length: 7,6 cm

Cut-away Modern

This popular classic belongs to the family of full-spread collars. It is very popular since the shirt’s front part is more visible. As the name already gives away, the collar ends are more spread out than on a regular business collar. Modern cut-away is a bit lower than the Cut-away Classic collar.

Collar height in back 3,7 cm
Collar tip length: 6,4 cm

Cut-away Extreme

Here we have a collar that takes your shirt to the extreme. As the name already indicates are the collars tips cut extreme and almost point backwards. The opening between the collar tips provides room for a wider tie and a bigger knot.

Collar height in back 4 cm
Collar tip length: 8,9 cm

Cut-away Two button

This modern cut-away collar received its name because of its two buttons. Being a bit higher than regular cut-away collars, the collar ends are 9 cm. long and have sewn-in collar stays for a stiffer feel. This collar is perfect for a tie with a double Windsor knot or any other double knots. The collar height is perfect for all that have a longer, thinner neck.

Collar height in back 5 cm
Collar tip length: 9 cm

Button-down Classic

This collar has, as the name implies, buttons that hold the tips down. Originally designed for polo players to keep the collar out of their face when riding, this collar is truly a piece of shirt history. It is better suited for more casual shirts, but can also be worn at the office. Never forget to button the tips, however.

Collar height in back 4,2 cm
Collar tip length: 7 cm

Button-down Modern

This one is a modern-day version of the classic button-down collar. Based on the original, but cut like a modern cut-away collar, this one is a true winner for your casual shirts. Smart, elegant and mildly dressed-down.

Collar height in back 3,8 cm
Collar tip length: 6,4 cm

Club Modern

A modern soft collar with rounded tips.

Collar height in back 3,2 cm
Collar tip length: 5,5 cm


A collar with many names, Mao collar, china collar, mandarin collar or band collar. We choose to call ours the Mao collar since that is the most common name for it. Consisting of only a band around the neck, it cannot be used with a tie.

Collar height in back 2,5 cm


This is the collar for formal wear. Shaped for use with a bow tie or an ascot band, this is a collar that is only worn for special occasions, usually with a tuxedo or a smoking.

Collar height in back 3,5 cm
Collar tip length: 5 cm


This one gets it's unique look from the metal pin protruding through the holes in the collar tips. Best matched with a great silk tie tied with a narrow know. Cool, modern and classy!

Collar height in back 4,0 cm
Collar tip length: 6,6 cm

Turndown Classic

This collar is almost without spread. It is the perfect collar for formal occasions with a silk tie with a narrow knot. Fits all face shapes.

Collar height in back 3,8 cm
Collar tip length: 7,6 cm

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