What you should (and shouldn't) wear to a job interview

We've all been there, making last-minute, poor outfit choices while getting ready for a job interview with that company you've been keeping your eyes on. While what you're wearing shouldn't decide whether or not you're suitable for the job, it sure doesn't hurt to make an excellent first impression using a well thought out outfit. So, what are the best styles and dress shirts to wear to a job interview? Funny you should ask, we've got the tips you need right here. First off, it depends on the type of dress code the company you're meeting with have. What works with a casual startup wouldn't fly at a law firm, for example. Overall, your outfit should be, of course, clean and well thought through.

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How to dress for different seasons

Although personal taste is always going to get the upper hand when it comes to dress for different occasions, there are a few guidelines if you want help with dressing up for the different seasons.

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Tucked in VS Untucked dress shirt - the definitive guide

This may seem like a simple topic, and tucking in your dress shirt is maybe something you’re doing or not doing without even thinking twice about it. But just because you’re doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it correctly. This guide will help you decide whether you should wear your dress shirt tucked in or not.

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3 dress shirts you need in your wardrobe

We would like to argue that dress shirts should be staples in everyone’s wardrobe. They certainly add a classy touch to any outfit, and makes you feel and look effortlessly well-dressed whatever the occasion. Getting them in a tailored fit is an even better experience.

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Tuxedo and formal wear dress shirts

Style Guide - How to wear your shirt the right way

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