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Looking for tips and inspiration on how to dress your absolute best? You've come to the right place. Tailor's Guide will help you with everything from outfit ideas and ultra-smart how-to guides to in-depth articles on how to master different styling and clothing techniques and much more.

Back to timeless basics

We're taking it back to the basics, but without the boring parts. Explore our latest collection filled with dress shirts in clean patterns, intriguing structures, and with an unbeatable fit.

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What you should wear to a job interview

We've all been there, making last-minute, poor outfit choices while getting ready for a job interview with that company you've been keeping your eyes on.

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Business redefined

A collection filled with modern elegance, smooth structures, and tailored perfection for everything you need this spring.

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Top 3 dress shirts to enter the new year with

Stock up on these must-have dress shirts for the upcoming year and you’ll never have to experience an under-dressed moment again.

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How to fold your dress shirt

In order to optimize your space when traveling, it’s essential to pack your clothing the right way. Whether it’s a small weekend getaway or you’re traveling for quite a while, these tips and tricks will definitely help you out when packing.

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Everything You Need To Know About Tuxedo and Formal Dress Shirts

How to wear and style your formal shirt the right way for formal events can be tricky. Lucky for you we've gathered the most important information so that you can learn more about tuxedos and formal dress shirts.

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How to remove stains from your dress shirt

Looking for the best way to remove unwanted stains from your dress shirt? No problem, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll teach you some tricks that will help you out in getting rid of those unwanted stains. Continue reading to find out how to get your dress shirt looking stunning again.

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How To Successfully Dress For Different Seasons

Although personal taste is always going to get the upper hand when it comes to dress for different occasions, there are a few guidelines if you want help with dressing up for the different seasons.

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Achieve the holiday look

Keep it tailored during the holidays with our winter collection.

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Measurements guide for custom tailored

Having your dress shirts tailor made should be the default choice for the modern man. Regardless of the occasion - formal or informal, luxury or essential - you will always look better in made to measure. And every man should at least own one tailor made suit. When you wear a suit, you do it to look your best. Don’t compromise with yourself. Here’s how you do it.

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Women measurements guide for custom tailored

Let's just say it, having your dress shirts tailor-made should be the default choice for everyone. Regardless of the occasion - formal or informal, luxury or essential - you will always look better in made to measure. Don’t compromise with yourself. We've put together a neat little guide that shows you how to take your measurements.

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Custom-tailored fall trends

We’ve got you covered with the latest trendy dress shirts for this gloomy yet enchanting season.

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