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Looking for tips and inspiration on how to dress your absolute best? You've come to the right place. Tailor's Guide will help you with everything from outfit ideas and ultra-smart how-to guides to in-depth articles on how to master different styling and clothing techniques and much more.

How to measure a shirt

One way to find out your measurements for a custom-sized dress shirt is to measure a dress shirt that already fits you well. Continue reading to find out exactly how to proceed when measuring your shirt.

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The Comprehensive Guide On How To Iron A Shirt Fast

A wrinkled shirt looks tired and scruffy. Many find ironing tedious and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Let us show you! Putting on a dress shirt with lots of wrinkles not only lowers the quality of your overall outfit, it also lowers your confidence and makes you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Wearing a wrinkled dress shirt could make you look like a person who doesn’t pay attention to the details, and who would want that? To avoid all this, you need to know how to iron your dress shirt correctly.

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How to roll up your shirt sleeves - The definitive guide

Rolled up sleeves on your dress shirt gives off a cool and casual vibe, if done the correct way that is. By avoiding sloppy techniques that will risk leaving your dress shirt wrinkled, you can feel comfortable and stylish all day long. In this guide we’ll touch on how to do the roll up correctly, where and when it’s an appropriate style and other information that may be useful.

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Tucked in VS Untucked dress shirt - the definitive guide

This may seem like a simple topic, and tucking in your dress shirt is maybe something you’re doing or not doing without even thinking twice about it. But just because you’re doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it correctly. This guide will help you decide whether you should wear your dress shirt tucked in or not.

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3 dress shirts you need in your wardrobe

We would like to argue that dress shirts should be staples in everyone’s wardrobe. They certainly add a classy touch to any outfit, and makes you feel and look effortlessly well-dressed whatever the occasion. Getting them in a tailored fit is an even better experience.

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Most of what you wear today is probably made from cotton. For many thousands of years we have harvested the cotton plant for fibers which are spun into thin yarns and then woven into cloth. Fine dress shirts require fine cotton, but what should you look for when choosing a fabric?

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How To Tie a Tie Knot: The Comprehensive Guide

There are many different ways to tie a tie, ranging from formal to more casual knots. A well-done tie knot is a perfect companion to both dress shirts and suits. Below, we have displayed the most classic tie knots you need to know that works for all occasions and are easy to learn. Practice makes perfect, make sure to keep doing these tie knots in order to master the technique.

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The Button-down collar

Relaxed and fashionable or ugly and out of style? Whatever you think, we feel that this piece of dress shirt history has a place in your wardrobe.

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Learn more about shirt fabrics

To get an idea of what a fabric feels like looks like, and acts like without actually touching it we have added extensive information about all the fabrics on our webpage. Here, you'll find every bit of information you need to choose the right fabric for your shirt.

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Care for your suit - A basic step-by-step guide

A quality made-to-measure suit is an investment that is sure to last a long time if cared for properly.

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